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Maydena Express is a mountain bike shuttle service dedicated to transporting riders to and from the Maydena Bike Park In Tasmania.

The shuttle’s primary route is between Hobart and the Maydena Bike Park. However, custom shuttle packages are available, tailored to meet customer requirements. Fair to say, the Maydena Express is open to shuttling riders to any Tasmanian mountain bike destination.

Maydena Express operates under the commercial transport license of Tasmanian Mountain Bike Adventures. Tasmanian Mountain Bike Adventures is a fully licenced and insured business with all of the necessary permissions and certificates to shuttle and guide mountain bike riders on Mount Wellington and other mountain bike trails in Tasmania; this also includes the privately operated, Maydena Bike Park.

Tasmanian Mountain Bike Adventures offer a range of MTB tours and shuttles across Tasmania. Check out their website for more details www.TASMBA.com.au.